This book is NOT about COVID-19. It is about the failure of the healthcare industry that led up to the coronavirus.

I don’t oppose the concept of mainstream medicine in general; it would be ludicrous to do so. This is not about your doctor or your need for diagnostics, surgeries, etc. This is about the controlling forces of mainstream medicine that create the need for over-medication, far too many diagnostics, and surgeries, etc. And those things CAN HURT YOU!  The treatment that doctors now provide is seriously affected by such domination.  That can lead to mistakes and poor judgement.  That’s why some people feel hospitals are more dangerous than prisons.

Modern mainstream medicine is now solely a business enterprise.  Don’t believe that it is now such a business conglomerate? Realize this one fact: mainstream medicine was bought and paid for years ago by some of the world’s wealthiest people alive.  I provide readers of my book with details that clearly show that truth.  Do you realize that the pharmaceutical industry now has almost 100% control of medical physicians, medical groups, hospitals, and health care providers? That encompasses the entire world of mainstream medicine. Their ideals are distributed by a media that they control and own. Do you have any idea of the peril you could be in from this industrial giant?

Along with many great strides in medicine over the years, greed reared its ugly head far too often, resulting in corruption and danger.  Patients today must come to terms with details about current medical practices and how we arrived in such a danger zone.  I present a precise readable method that shows that history and progression to where we are today.

How Modern Medicine Killed Me is my TRUE 40-plus-year autobiographical account of dealing with the misfortunes and hazards of modern mainstream medicine. Facts are clearly explained in a vocabulary that all can understand. You won’t need a medical dictionary to read this book. Many will be shocked at the many things that I endured at the hands of this giant behemoth. They killed me and I explain just how and why.

I researched information and facts for years to learn what most people don’t know about modern medicine today, then combined that information with my own experiences. I lived through significant transitions in medical care that will shock and annoy you.

This book gives a clear picture of how modern medicine operates today. It describes the largest moneymaking business enterprise in the world.  It goes on to expose all those who control it and who profit from it. Again, it is written in laymen’s terms for all to understand.

Communication with all healthcare sectors is essential. You, and only you, are in complete charge and the last line of defense in the care of your body. That applies to all such communication with physicians, nurses, hospitals, diagnostics, etc. Interaction with healthcare practitioners has to be a two-way conversation. If you cannot personally have such interaction, you must select someone to do the task for you. That person must comply with your personal opinions and wishes. Medical communication cannot be one-sided. You have to establish how and how not you want to be treated. To complete such a task requires that you are informed with knowledge from accurate sources. Medicine is a big business today, and I’m afraid that it is gradually becoming only that.

Learn the risks, threats, and menaces that could be waiting for you just around the corner. Realize just how vulnerable you are to the many things that could put you all in jeopardy. Become aware of the dangers of over-prescribing medications, surgeries, diagnostics, and other forms of healthcare available today. And how they do it!  Learn how to protect yourself, your family, and other loved ones. I wrote this book for you to avoid falling into the same traps and pitfalls that are now killing me.


–David Navarria




David Navarria was a co-founder of the CCPC Organization, a company dedicated to helping people with medical issues. He co-founded his first advertising agency in 1987.